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um, never mind about the Dynabook

April 26, 2007


I have copied Palm Note Pad over to my Treo as well, which is fine for keeping notes as long as I don’t want to take them anywhere else. When I upload them to the Mac, the PNGs turn out to be unusable because the Treo’s display is smaller than the T|C’s. I’ve read about a third-party tool for converting Note Pad images, but I don’t have the details yet.


(( litefeeds )) mobile RSS

February 9, 2007

It works! Read feeds and post to your blog while mobile.

I was heavily dependent on the Bloglines mobile interface for lunchtime blogreading until I discovered this. The platform is similar to Bloglines, except that:

  • the mobile reader is a midlet, not a browser. Lots easier to get in and out of, and makes better use of screen real estate.
  • From the midlet, litefeeds does clipping and link mailing (like Bloglines), lets you post items to your own blog (instead of that silly-ass faux-blog Bloglines saddles you with), and posts bookmarks to (which Bloglines doesn’t).
  • With Litefeeds, you have to configure and manage your feeds from a desktop browser. You can import and export OPML, and even sync it with Bloglines if you want to. You choose a subset of your feeds to make available on the mobile reader, and those are presented to you on the mobile as a flat list, rather than with the full OPML tree structure (which is a feature as far as I’m concerned).
  • You can also use Litefeeds as a desktop aggregator, and will probably even want to, because their UI is pleasant, tasteful, and easy to use – in short, it r0xx0rs all over Bloglines.

I’m converted.

(note: the email functionality does not appear to currently be working on my Sprint Treo 650. Since the rest of it works so well I’m going to assume this is a temporary kink; besides, I never used the email on Bloglines anyway.)