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um, never mind about the Dynabook

April 26, 2007


I have copied Palm Note Pad over to my Treo as well, which is fine for keeping notes as long as I don’t want to take them anywhere else. When I upload them to the Mac, the PNGs turn out to be unusable because the Treo’s display is smaller than the T|C’s. I’ve read about a third-party tool for converting Note Pad images, but I don’t have the details yet.


Wardriving at the Catfish Inn

February 10, 2007

Catfish Inn – The Best Catfish, Barbecue, Chicken and Ribs in North Alabama!

The last place in the world I ever expected to host free wifi – but they had a sign in the window saying so when we were there for dinner last night.

(( litefeeds )) mobile RSS

February 9, 2007

It works! Read feeds and post to your blog while mobile.

I was heavily dependent on the Bloglines mobile interface for lunchtime blogreading until I discovered this. The platform is similar to Bloglines, except that:

  • the mobile reader is a midlet, not a browser. Lots easier to get in and out of, and makes better use of screen real estate.
  • From the midlet, litefeeds does clipping and link mailing (like Bloglines), lets you post items to your own blog (instead of that silly-ass faux-blog Bloglines saddles you with), and posts bookmarks to (which Bloglines doesn’t).
  • With Litefeeds, you have to configure and manage your feeds from a desktop browser. You can import and export OPML, and even sync it with Bloglines if you want to. You choose a subset of your feeds to make available on the mobile reader, and those are presented to you on the mobile as a flat list, rather than with the full OPML tree structure (which is a feature as far as I’m concerned).
  • You can also use Litefeeds as a desktop aggregator, and will probably even want to, because their UI is pleasant, tasteful, and easy to use – in short, it r0xx0rs all over Bloglines.

I’m converted.

(note: the email functionality does not appear to currently be working on my Sprint Treo 650. Since the rest of it works so well I’m going to assume this is a temporary kink; besides, I never used the email on Bloglines anyway.)