attention democrats:

Not being a Barack Obama fanboy doesn’t make you a racist. Nor is it racist to observe that Obama is a sort of political Tiger Woods (except that Tiger Woods has won a lot more contests than Obama has).

It’s not even racist to say that Obama “isn’t black enough”; it’s just stupid and tactless.

The 2004 election wasn’t even over before the hard-bitten moonbats on Atrios were howling about how long they’d waited for a black president, how excited they were that Obama was going to be in the Senate, what a great man and great leader he was, etc.

This was before he’d served a day in Congress, when his political career consisted of a few years as the Illinois state senator from the neighborhood surrounding the University of Chicago, and an unsuccessful 2000 US House campaign against incumbent Bobby Rush, an exercise in self-indulgence which everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten.

Obama is an obviously bright person with impressive academic credentials. So is Condoleezza Rice, and I sure as hell don’t want her to be president.

Right now, what America needs a lot worse than a black president is a Democratic president. I don’t even particularly care a whole lot who that Democratic president is, as long as it’s not Joe Lieberman; whoever it turns out to be couldn’t possibly be as bad as Bush.

I have a mild preference for Bill Richardson, but I realize already that he’s hardly likely to get the nomination. I will happily vote, however, for whatever Democrat is nominated – again, as long as it’s not Joe Lieberman.

But I’m voting for the Democrat; George W. Bush has amply seen to that. The Republicans could nominate Jesus Christ, and I’d still vote for the Democrat. I just think it’s a pity that Obama, who could have such a bright political future, is going to burn out so early in a flash of ego gratification.


One Response to “attention democrats:”

  1. thebarefoot Says:

    Let me fire off an email and see if we can get Jeb to run. Just to round out the dynasty.

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