Abolish presidential elections!

Karl Rove is already tired of the 2008 presidential election, probably because he’s not going to be making any money in it. (Let’s hope that the stench of Turd Blossom has spread so far that not even the right-wing lunatic fringe will have anything further to do with him.)

Personally, I’ve been tired of presidential elections ever since Rove, the Republican establishment, and the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election for George W. Fuckup. In 2004 we cumulatively spent more than a billion dollars on the presidential election, and there can hardly be any doubt that the price tag next time will be even higher.

And what do we get for our billion dollars? A nice warm illusion that we are co-participants in a democratic government. When you go down to your local polling station, cast your ballot, then go home and spend the evening watching people on TV partying their asses off and making speeches, it’s easy to forget that there’s nothing directly at stake in “the presidential election”.

The Constitution places the power to name presidential electors for each state in the hands of the state legislature; there is no constitutional requirement that any state hold a popular presidential election at all. The constitution provides for Congress to schedule Election Day – the day on which presidential electors are chosen – and the day on which the Electoral College meets. There is no requirement that a popular vote be held, and any state could at any time reassert the direct prerogative of its legislature in selecting presidential electors, canceling the presidential election in that state.

I think this would be a great improvement. Instead of having elections decided by the marginal voter of IQ 80, we would have elections decided by people who are at least intelligent enough to hold elective office in their own right. This would get us one step closer to a parliamentary system like they have in Canada and the UK, where the voter only has to worry about voting for legislators, leaving the task of actually running the government to the legislators who are paid to do it.


2 Responses to “Abolish presidential elections!”

  1. TruthSaves Says:

    I am so sorry to hit and run, please forgive me,but I feel that what I have to say is important, not only for the upcomming election in 2008, but quite possibly for our very lives.

    Barack Obama must be defeated if the nation is to survive in the next six years. BArack Obama is the media’s man, there is no explanation for why a man like Obama, whose father was a muslim and his mother a liberal “white” woman with a penchant for dark foreigners would be getting the kind of press coverage that he is getting from this extremely self serving media unless the “conspirators” see some use for him

    There is only one use for him and that’s to destroy the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the real nemesis of the “Conspiracy”. If Barack Hussein Obama succeeds in upstaging Hillary Clinton we will most defenitely see another Republican in office in 2008. This is exactly what the media people want, since they are never interested in the good of the nation, but only in their own specious ideologies.

    It is imperative that Barack Obama lose the democratic primary very early and that he is defeated soundly by Clinton. Why? IF Clinton wins she will find a way to negotiate the United States out of Iraq(and this is exactly what the media conspirators do not want.) Clinton will likely be able to remove our troops from Iraq by 2010 or 2011. Yes I know about Barack Obama’s promise and how the Australian(neoconservative) Prime minister commented on his plans. In my opinion this proves the “conspiracy” and that it is far flung. Comment on him make him look important. HE IS NOTHING HE IS NOT EVEN A REAL BLACK AMERICAN!!! (I WOULD HOPE JESSE JACKSON MIGHT RUN IN HIS PLACE, BUT NO REAL BLACK AMERICAN WOULD RUN AGAINST CLINTON. Black Americans know how much the ex-president tried to accomplish for their benefit.He was one of the few American presidents that actually liked Black People, so few would want to betray him by opposing his wife in a damaging campaign. Still I would welcome a Black man or woman simply to expose what a farce Obama really is.

    Obama is likely a pawn, and I believe that the media conspirators have something on him. He may have cheated on his wife, and that may be the card they are holding on him(though honestly I cannot say that there is any proof of this.) Remember Garry Heart anyone? They must have something on him,this I am convinced of.

    If Clinton is not the candidate for the the Dems in 2008, I guarantee that Guilliani will be president, and that’s who these conspirators really want. This is the guy they “own”. That is Obama’s main usefulness to these conspirators. IF Guilliani or McCain or Romney win we will see a draft of our young men in the beginning of 2009, and it is quite possible that we may see the start of a real war between the United States and Russia-China. Clinton must win, or we may cease to be as a nation. IT’s that bad. The conspirators care nothing for America. This is the truth.

  2. xfrosch Says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way. Personally, I think Obama is obviously a very bright man, but he strikes me as a shameless opportunist; I’d have a lot more respect for him if he’d spent a couple of terms in the Senate before declaring for President. I’m afraid he’s condemned himself to self-caricature as flavor of the month; the early polls show that the black vote seems already to have seen through him.

    That said, I’m not entirely ready to vote for Hillary, either. I’d much rather have someone with some actual qualifications for the job; someone like Bill Richardson. I agree with you, however, that the most important thing in the 2008 elections is that the Democratic Party must win the Presidency. All Democrats should subordinate their personal taste in candidates to this goal.

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