McDonald’s Pork Tenderloin sandwich being test marked in Indiana

McDonald’s Pork Tenderloin sandwich being test marked in Indiana

Speaks for itself.

Although a test in Indiana could hardly be much of an indication of how it would sell in the rest of the world.


2 Responses to “McDonald’s Pork Tenderloin sandwich being test marked in Indiana”

  1. susan Says:

    finally a pork tenderloin
    bring it to california asap -when making trips to Iowa search them out
    get cargill to provide them
    or someone else
    but get them to california
    the new white meat
    etc etc
    could even make pork tenderloin strips
    that would be great
    different dips
    get them here

  2. jkc Says:

    they’re not all that hard to make for yourself; I’ve had to learn because I live in Alabama, about 400 miles from Indianapolis. While most places in Indiana use deepfryers, I panfry mine in about three-quarters of an inch of oil (peanut oil works well).

    you can cut your own slices from a pork loin roast, or you can use boneless loin chops such as they sell at Costco or Sam’s. If you go this route, you’ll need to flatten your slices as much as you can with one of those cast aluminum meat tenderizers. Maybe a pasta machine would work; I’ve never tried it, but my dad tells me that he’s seen some sort of roller contraption for pressing the meat.

    personally, lately I’ve been buying pre-cubed pork loin at my local grocery. Those are flat enough to fry, and they save me a lot of work; most places don’t have them though. If you have actual human butchers at your grocery, maybe you can get them to do it for you.

    take an egg, and about 1/3 cup milk, mix them, and pour them into a large dish. Crush a package of saltines as finely as you can; I use a gallon ziploc bag and that cast iron mallet. put the cracker crumbs into another dish like the one with the egg/milk in it.

    dip each side of the meat into the egg/milk, and then dredge it in the cracker crumbs. you can stack them and let them dry on another plate while you finish the rest of them.

    then just fry them in the oil. depending on how hot the oil is, you should be able to get the desired doneness in about 40 seconds or so on each side.

    drain them on paper towels, then eat them on buns with pickles and catsup.

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