egg coffee

I normally try to avoid A Prairie Home Companion. I think Keillor is snide, pretentious, and odd, and that he tends to bring out the worst in public radio and public radio audiences (although not as much, I admit, as Michael Feldman or Terry Gross).

Sometimes, though, because WLRH and WUAL play so many of the same programs at the same times, and because there just ain’t shit else to listen to on the radio around here, I find myself in the car on a weekend evening with PHC on. Tonight was one of those evenings; while I was driving home from the Wal-Mart shortly after dark, I heard Keillor’s voice uttering these words in juxtaposition: “egg coffee”.

Oh no, I thought. Oh HELL no. Surely I’m losing it.

But when I arrived home to my browser, I discovered, much to my dismay:

egg coffee – Google Search

I notice that some fool has posted a recipe for Lutheran Church Basement Egg Coffee. Now, I’ve got a story about Methodist Youth Camp Turkey Pizza, but I don’t even tell the story, let alone hunt down the recipe and post it to a website about actual food.

Of course, I had goat stew for dinner this evening, so I should probably just STFU.


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